Funeral Planning


Funeral Planning

Whether you have just experienced the death of a loved one or if you are pre-planning a funeral Mass for yourself or a loved one, we hope that you will find this documentation helpful.  Please also note the following links in the Funeral Documents section on the right. And the video series at the bottom of the page.

Fr. Tim, Deacon Greg, and Sr Marcia are happy to help you in the planning process and are available to answer any questions you may have.

Funeral Mass Pre-planning Itinerary

  • Welcome
  • Funeral Guidelines
    • The obituary
    • Flowers
    • Rosary/Devotions
    • Words of Remembrance
    • Christian Symbols
  • About Cremation and Donation Body for Scientific Purposes
    • The Body and Cremains
    • Disposition of Ashes
    • Donation of body for scientific purposes

Funeral Mass Pre-planning Itinerary – Continued


  • Scripture Readings
  • Music
  • Universal Prayer
  • Liturgical Ministers at the Funeral Mass
  • Options
    • Visitation in church
    • Tribute videos played during visitation
    • Live streaming
    • Funeral luncheons
  • Next Steps
    • Discuss with family
    • Keep on file at home and parish

Funeral Contacts

Fr. Tim Kummerer

Fr. Tim Kummerer


Deacon Greg Siebenaller

Deacon Greg Siebenaller


Sr. Marcia

Sr. Marcia

Pastoral Associate of Music & Worship

Funeral Planning Videos

Funeral Planning – Video 1


Funeral Planning – Video 2


Funeral Planning – Video 3

Care of the Body

Funeral Planning – Video 4


Funeral Planning – Video 5


Funeral Planning – Video 6


Funeral Planning – Video 7


Funeral Planning – Video 8


Funeral Planning – Video 9

Next Steps

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